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Weight Lost

  • Are you looking to lose a few pounds?
  • Are you needing to push to start your weight-loss journey? 
  • Is it hard for you to stay consistent and lose weight? Let me help you get started on the right path to losing weight.

Muscle Gain

Have you tried numerous amount of meal prep ideas or products that are not giving you the results you need? Is finding the right things to maintain or build muscle mass difficult? I can help you create a customized plan to build lean muscle mass and get the definition you finally want. 

Fit Camp

  • Are you looking for a community to hold you accountable?
  • Are you looking for fun workouts to achieve at home as well?
  • South Nutrition fit camps are held Monday through Friday.
  • They last for one hour and all levels are welcomed.
  • We can modify to your level or restrictions.
  • No age limit is required and we encourage you to bring your family.
Daily one time fee: $6
Weekly one time fee: $30

Click the link to get more details.
Pay for your day or week in advance.
Wanting to save as much as possible check out our Fit Challenge Information provided below.

Fit Challenge

May Fit Challenge Details:

  • Date: May 7- June
  • Registration fee: $35
  • Win up to $500 and Weekly Prizes
  • Attendance is required
  • Accountability
  • Coaching 1 on 1
  • Facebook Private Page
  • Weekly Progress Update

Herbalife is a Total Nutrition to enhance your sexiness inside and out. Our product is not mandatory to take, we focus on community accountability, fun workouts, and happy healthy lifestyle change


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